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vinfox 2017 is the last edition of the vinfox wine guide. For more information, click here.

vinfox Price Index

Roughly 2.8 million offers of the Swiss wine market have been captured for the vinfox guide since 1997. This wealth of data can be mined for the trends of prices in the Swiss wine market. We publish the vinfox Price Index derived from these data, and compare it with the national index of consumer prices.

Three values are recorded in the following table and diagram:
  • LIK: National index of consumer prices.
  • CH: vinfox Price Index for Swiss wines in all price ranges.
  • non-CH: vinfox Price Index for foreign wines in all price ranges.

All three indices have their base of 100 points in 1997.

vinfox Price Index

More detailed analyses for selected countries and price ranges as well as a description of the method of calculation can be found in the PDF document Swiss Wine Market 1997-2011 (only available in German).